Michael Schenker Excited To Work With Former Scorpions Bandmates

. Legendary guitarist Michael Schenker discussed the evolution of his Temple of Rock band and reuniting with his former Scorpions bandmates Herman Rarebell and Francis Buchholz on the group's new album "Spirit on a Mission" in a new interview with Classic Rock Revisited.

Schenker worked with Herman and Francis on the classic Scorpions album, "Lovedrive" and when asked what it was like working with them again, Schenker responded: "The chemistry is something you can't really explain; it just is. Francis and Herman are family. Doogie, too, and Wayne… you have the chemistry. The first two albums are very much based on my concept. It is like I knew what kind of songs I wanted them to be, energetic, fast and melodic, et cetera. The rest of the guys just had to add their thoughts to it, but the skeleton was basically structured. There are a lot of fast songs on there and Herman had to kick some… he had to go for it. Now he is getting healthier because of it."

During the follow-up question he added, "That is the whole thing with Herman and Francis, to be honest. It is a screen that I can paint on. It is very important to have. I have played with the best drummers and sometimes it is very hard to play with a great drummer because there is so much coming from the drummer himself. It is, like you said, it is solid. I can do a lot with it. If you have too many people doing too many things it just becomes a 'too many cooks' kind of a thing.

"The next album I already know what we will do. We will have an additional improvement…. not improvement… but an idea to involve Doogie more. In fact, on the next album, which is kind of exciting, as it means that something unpredictable can come out of that. I am looking forward to that too."

Schenker also shared his excitement about touring with them, "This is the first time we are coming over to the USA with Herman and Francis, the Rock You Like a Hurricane rhythm section. We have been trying since last spring and we've got it together and we are excited to play the States with this lineup and we are all looking for it. Keep on rocking and we will be there soon!"

When asked if they plan to only play Temple of Rock songs or if fans can expect to hear classics from UFO and Scorpions, Schenker responded: "Of course, that is what I mean by saying we're developing. The idea of Temple of Rock started off like, basically, all of my written music. That is my temple of rock. When I did live performances in the beginning it was the most popular of my involvements from the past and now. That is my temple of rock.

"Because we've developed step by step, every six months we understand what the next step needs to be. It is developing its own entity which means that after two, or three, albums you have enough material together to actually survive without getting into all of my other stuff. I can play my stuff in the future with Gary Barden, or with Robin McAuley, or whatever. Temple of Rock, sooner or later, will be ready and then we may only play our songs. Well, right now we must play past songs like 'Rock Bottom,' or things like that. They are not really for Temple of Rock, but they are at this stage. They are the tool for Temple of Rock to become self-sufficient. That is the goal. We have three albums that have a lot of good songs on there and we can easily put together a set.

"If people like what you do--in the beginning if you have only one album out then you don't have enough material to tour and stuff like that. That period was important to perform the most popular of the past because that's what that period was, but it won't be that forever. You go through stages and over the next cycle bits and pieces develop. I can't tell what is going to happen in the future because it is impossible. I can watch the steps. Once you've made one step, then you know what the next step should be."

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