Neil Young With Crazy Horse Deliver 'Fu**In' Up'


Neil Young With Crazy Horse Deliver 'Fu**In' Up'

(Warner Records) Neil Young With Crazy Horse releases "Fu##In' Up", featuring newly recorded versions of songs in all their ragged glory available now via Reprise Records. There are certain albums that have an aura around them. It can't really be planned, but there is something in the way all the music performances and material come together to set them on their own plateau. The interesting part of that equation is that there is no way to plan on the results, or even predict. They often come together as they are being recorded, and that is the start of a wonderful journey. FU##IN' UP, recorded in 2023, is truly a work unto itself, available now via Reprise Records.

These nine songs from Young's ever-growing catalog are injected with the kind of audio attack that Young and Crazy Horse have been playing since they started performing in the late 1960s. It has been a constant capturing of what rock & roll is really capable of, and one that shows no sign of stopping. The Crazy Horse lineup on FU##IN' UP includes Billy Talbot (bass, vocal), Ralph Molina (drums, vocal), Micah Nelson (guitar, vocal, piano), Nils Lofgren (guitar, vocal, piano) and Neil Young (guitar, vocal, harmonica). The sounds these five musicians achieve cannot be predicted, and allow an element of sonic surprise that is a definition of how the boundaries of bands are always up for revision, and supply the music to march into the future with an unparalleled power.

The old songs of this new Neil Young & Crazy Horse album break-through in all their ragged glory as a brand-new release. As time passes and musicians achieve new prowess in their playing, it gives Young and the band a way to approach what they have done in the past as something they're now able to go far beyond with an exciting approach that can only be seen as totally new. The best music never stands still, and allows the players a wide-open field to explore now. The past is gone, but offers a road into the future.

Young explains it best: "In the spirit it's offered, we made this for the Horse lovers. I can't stop it. The Horse is runnin'. What a ride we have. I don't want to mess with the vibe, and I am so happy to have this to share."

As has always been his practice, Neil Young establishes a personal timetable on how and when he releases his music. It has given him a way of offering his audience a personal participation of living with the recordings, and gathering new fans at the same time his long-time listeners remain a strong part of the family. There is no other still-active artist that approaches his work like this, making sure that the music comes first for him and his listeners. There is no distinction between the new and the old. It was, is and always will be about the NOW.

A clear vinyl two-LP Limited Edition version including a litho print of the album cover art was released on April 20 via Record Store Day and through The Greedy Hand Store via NYA.

Today, the black vinyl, compact disc and digital edition are now available. Hi-Res digital audio is available at the Xstream Store © at NYA and most DSPs. All Greedy Hand Store purchases come with free hi-res digital audio downloads.

In true Neil Young innovative approach, the songs on FU##IN' UP have been renamed in their ragged glory with new titles, allowing them to be here now. "Farmer John" is a song originally done by Don "Sugarcane" Harris and Dewey Terry in 1959, and soon covered in 1964 by East L.A. band The Premiers and remains as its original title.

FU##KIN' UP Track listing:
8 City Life
7 Feels Like A Railroad
6 Heart Of Steel
5 Broken Circle
4 Valley Of Hearts
3 Farmer John
2 Walkin' In My Place
1 To Follow One's Own Dream
9 Chance On Love

In Neil Young's words in the sleeve notes: "Why do these old songs live so vividly now? They do to me." Neil Young knows.

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