Inverted Serenity Release 'Grasp of Impermanence' Live Video

(JAMP) Inverted Serenity are promoting the recent release of their new album "Integral" with the online posting of a live video for the song 'Grasp of Impermanence'.

'Integral' was released on October 9th and the band filmed the live video for 'Grasp of Impermanence' during their performance at The Zoo in Winnipeg on October 30th.

We were sent the following details about the album: 'Integral' is follow up to their 2013 debut album 'Manifestation of Eternity in a World of Time". 'Integral' is a gateway into the infinite fractal nature of the minds of Drew (Parasitism) on guitar, backing vocals, Ben (Moira) on drums, backing vocals, Tom on bass, lead vocals, and Marco on guitar.

Topics are inspired from works of many psychonaughts akin to Carl Jung, involving transcendental, philosophies, global tribe mentality, the impermanence of the physical world, and alchemy. Their riffs range from atmospheric black-metal grooves, old-school inspired death metal passages, thrash riffs, progressive technical journeys, and everything in between for an extremely energetic onslaught of sounds.

Watch the video here.

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Inverted Serenity Release 'Grasp of Impermanence' Live Video

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