Singled Out: Van Damsel's Domino

Indie electro-pop band Van Damsel will be releasing their self-titled debut album tomorrow (April 22nd) and to celebrate we asked lead singer Sebastian Ste Marie to tell us about the single "Domino." Here is the story:

Domino: chaos and love, sex and drugs…and eventually me. A reference to the influence my 21 year old seed giver had on my 17 year old birth mother. Older guy and impressionable young girl-it's always how it goes, no? Often enough at least.

I guess she went tumblin'. She fell for him: a wild, emotional, struggling musician-much like me, though I think I exhibit more stoic qualities. She told me he would often choose the bottle over her. She was only 17. Perhaps she shouldn't have even been a choice. But then again, if she wasn't, there wouldn't have been me, and likely not this song.

Sounds heavy eh, but the song has an upbeat, pop feel, right? Don't worry, everything turns out fine (for me and birth mama at least).

From the moment the initial arrangement and melodies of this song were brought forward by our guitar player, Rich, I wanted to tell this story in this song. The story of a father I have never met and have only had a few brief interactions with on social media-generally unpleasant, but not always. The last time he contacted me he bookended a brief paragraph with insults," you self absorbed fraud…I am dying…you arrogant a**hole." He doesn't even know me. I feel for the guy. I will likely never meet him. But I have met my birth mother. She's pleasant and relaxed-much like me. She may have stumbled, but she didn't end up tumblin'. It's all good. I'm glad to be here.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Van Damsel's Domino

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