Singled Out: Blindman's Feels Good


Genre-bending artist, songwriter and producer Blindman tells us the story behind his latest single "Feels Good," which features Erica Newell (The Melody Makers, Stephen Marley, Dennis Brown, The Black Crows). Here is the story:

When I wrote "Feels Good" I was actually not feeling so good at all. I remember sitting with my Pappy after he recently had gotten out of the hospital. He couldn't speak to me and I knew he was in a ton of pain from the surgery. I felt so damn helpless. All I wanted to do was make him feel better. Armed with a keyboard and a bible I thought, man I wish I knew a nice happy song to play for him but unfortunately I didn't have any of those in my repertoire at that time. So I just played the two happiest chords I knew and started singing what became the chorus. I knew if he could hear me sing to him how good it feels to know he loved me, it would provide relief to him. Now when I sing the song, it provides relief to me, because I call to mind how good it feels to know I am still loved by him. Love never dies. It is eternal.

When I recorded the track, I was pretty fortunate to work with Erica Newell. Before working with her I never really knew how many of my favorite records she sang on. It's kind of funny because when I picked her up from her hotel, when she was on tour with Stephen Marley, I had her autograph every record I had in my car that I knew she sang on. I asked her about every question I could once she told me she grew up with The Marley's and how Rita Marley pretty much convinced her to pursue a career in music. I was such a fan driving her around. All I could think is she must think I am such a geek but I didn't care! When I called her a few months later to sing on another track she was totally down, so I guess geeking out didn't bother her so much. She actually encouraged me and said she would help me out on the condition that I kept loving my wife and daughter as she noticed some of my posts on social media included them! Talk about spreading love. Erica Newell is definitely riding the Zion train indeed!
By far the coolest thing about "feels good" is profits from the song will go to support widows and orphans. The song has always been meant to heal from the start. I am hopeful that as the years go by people who download the song not only feel better by remembering the good times they shared with their loved ones, but also feel good about helping those who are in need simply by downloading the song.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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Singled Out: Blindman's Feels Good

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