Singled Out: Noy Eisen's More

Noy Eisen

Noy Eisen just released a music video for her brand new single with Jordi called "More" and to celebrate we asked her to share with us the story behind the track. Here is the story:

It all began in the shower. I was washing my hair, and this crazy melody pop into my head. I started to mumble some gibberish to myself and really enjoyed singing it along with this weird melody. I jumped out of the shower with a towel on my head and recorded an iPhone voice memo of this with my nonsense gibberish lyrics. I immediately called Jordi, my producer in Israel, to meet in the studio and turn it into a full track. Jordi and I began to build the production and the lyrics of the verses came immediately. Eventually, this melody from the shower turned to be my upcoming single!

The process in the studio usually starts this way, with a lousy voice recording from my iPhone-- I am constantly writing and recording song ideas, but I only send an idea to Jordi if it makes me feel butterflies and I know it's special. I think the process of making "MORE" is really just a great example of me being myself and having a blast in the studio, which is usually when I am at my best. The track began with only a melody and some gibberish vocals. And Jordi and experimented with the different effects on my vocal, which because the central chorus of the song, even though the words really have no meaning haha.

When Jordi and I were creating "MORE" together, we ended up creating something new and developed a sound that honors Israel and the culture we grew up in. "MORE" incorporates American pop music that I have loved since I was a little girl, with sounds from Middle Eastern musical genres that are very popular in my country, and that part of the world in general.

Incorporating mainstream pop music with the unique vibe of my native country is very exciting because I'm very proud of where I come from! I'm hoping that style of instrumentation and production will be the trademark of my music, and something that will make me stand out from other pop artists. I'm very proud of this "Arabic Pop" sound we created in "MORE", and Jordi and I want to continue perfecting this new genre.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, watch the video right here!


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Singled Out: Noy Eisen's More

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