Singled Out: Paul Pfau's See You Better

Paul Pfau

Paul Pfau is releasing his new EP "Great American Love Story" on Friday (Sept 30) and to celebrate we asked him to tell us the story behind the track "See You Better." Here is the story:

The initial idea for "See You Better" came from an all nighter Netflix binge I had about a year ago. The show was Mad Men and I was totally hooked. Ever since I was a little kid, I was always mesmerized by everything about 60's culture. The music, the fashion, the cars, etc� I was fascinated by how period accurate this show was, it was a teleport to the era.

In a later season's episode (509), Don Draper, the main character, left his wife a note while going out to run an errand. The note said, "Lovely Megan - I went to buy a light bulb. When I get back, I'll see you better. Love, Don." For some reason this really stuck with me. I mean, how romantic is that?! Who leaves notes like that anymore?! So I jotted the phrase down in my notepad, thinking that maybe one day I could use it if I ever settled down.

Fast forward to February of this year (2016). My manager set me up to write with a producer/songwriter/former Bassist & Vocalist of Forever the Sickest Kids, Austin Bello. We wrote a tune called "Hey Hi Hello" which spawned the conceptual idea for the EP "Great American Love Story" due out on September 30. The 5 song EP tells the love story of a couple from the 50's/60's time period.

As we started writing for that record it only made sense to incorporate the "See You Better" reference for the final track on the album. The idea was that no matter how old they were or what they went through, the wife just kept getting better and better in the husband's eyes. So during a write with another incredible songwriter, Jordan Lawhead, it all just fell into place. We had written a different song that day and just before Jordan was about to leave he was noodling on the guitar with what was to become the intro riff for the song. I just started throwing out some lyrics trying to paint the picture of the time period's classic family model and how they would age from that into their elder years. The song includes a lot of imagery that takes you back to that time but at the same time, allows you delve back into your own family memories and attach to the song in your own way. "See You Better" is the happy ending to a timeless love story and I cannot wait for you all to hear the songs/parts of the story that lead up to it. Thanks for listening!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!


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