Singled Out: The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers' Haunted

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers recently released their brand new album "No Glory" and to celebrate we asked Will Wadsworth to tell us about the song "Haunted". Here is the story:

The song, "Haunted" just landed on an official Spotify playlist called "Fresh Folk," although I wouldn't classify it as a folk song in the traditional sense. It was written about the end of a marriage engagement. I was in a three-plus-year relationship that was leading towards marriage when the relationship ended. We were engaged, but the wedding/marriage didn't seem to be in the cards at the end of the road. It really seems that it ended for the best, but the fallout of a relationship like that can sometimes be difficult to deal with.

Writing "Haunted" was a means to dealing with that aftermath. The goal was to be honest about how I was feeling at the time without being so specific that no one else could relate to it. I didn't want to name any names, but I wanted to make clear what I was talking about. I also really wanted to find a way of propping myself up on the hope that I got/still get from metaphysical things. Everything that I do is somehow initially based on the faith that I can do it. This includes faith that lead me to lean on something intangible in order to get through a difficult season. There is a feeling of grinning and bearing in the chorus as I tried to weave a bit of humor into it ("Thank God I'm haunted..."). I wanted to experience something a bit cathartic there so that the grinning would eventually overpower the bearing side. Ultimately, this song was an attempt to capture the Southern gothic side of what we do as gospel singers. I think that we were successful in doing this and I'm proud of the recording.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers' Haunted

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