Singled Out: Roulette's Forlorn


New Jersey hard rockers Roulette recently released their brand new "Fire" EP and to celebrate we asked the band to tell us the story behind the single "Forlorn". Here is the story:

"Forlorn" is intentionally the last song on our most recent EP, FIRE. Overall the song is lyrically dark. It conveys a sense of exhaustion, an internal battle with one's self of whether or not to take the next step. It talks about struggling to meet your goals without always seeing that "light at the end of tunnel" so to speak.

As a band, we find it really important to express this. Darkness is always kicking around, but it's been particularly prevalent in the hard rock world of late, with the suicide of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington casting shadows over the scene. Depression only deepens the more alone we feel. Music has the power to make us feel less alone, and that's why it's so important to acknowledge it in our music. When a band shares their experience and view on something, it can help us feel less isolated. It also can physically bring people together, keeping us from literally being alone.

The opening line of the song is "I can't take one more second of looking in from the outside. Once an optimist reborn a skeptic, I can't help but to criticize". This is a very loaded sentence. We wanted this to speak to every person who has tried and tried to succeed at something. It's easy to become cynical when you're giving all you have to meet your goals, and just can't seem to move forward. It's frustrating, and it's a frustration that we definitely understand as a band. That is why within the song there lies a message of hope.

The darkness of "Forlorn" is reflected arrangement wise as well, particularly with heavy syncopated triplets and angry guitar lines.

The choruses are meant to directly contrast the verses by providing an uplifting feeling. It's important to acknowledge the darkness, but we also find it more impactful to do something with it. Everyday brings a new beginning with new opportunities.

One of the lines in the chorus is �"New sunrise. Hope fuels it's fire. Lose myself again". When you break that down what we are saying is you can always start over. Don't lose your passion. Never let anyone take that away from you. Your hope fuels the fire within your heart. Do what you love. Find your happiness.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the EP right here!

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