Singled Out: Future Villains' Wildflower

Future Villains

L.A. rockers Future Villains just released their new single "Wildflower" and to celebrate we asked lead guitarist and founding member Clay Davies to tell us the story behind the track. Here is the story:

We're just gonna be honest here, most of our songs are written about sex and drugs because this IS Rock N Roll. The concept of our first single WILDFLOWER was inspired by the sudden change of fashion by the incredibly gorgeous girls here in Hollywood. We started noticing girls wearing heart shaped glasses, flowery dresses, cool 70's inspired witchy hats, flowers in their hair. Led Zeppelin, Doors, Pink Floyd T'shirts and even posting story's on social media with these types of bands music in the background. There was also a kinda voodoo type vibe going on as well. Some girls, (one group in particular) even referring to their friends as their coven. The inspiration behind the lyrics were sparked by these super groovy, rock n roll, hippie-chicks and the idea of them being drawn to the city of Hollywood. Which, in many cases, from the mid west to lavish where all the devils and the demons hide with all of the thrills.

With all this as a muse for our writing journey, the song, simply put, is about a wild-hearted, new age witchy, hippie type girl. With looks to kill, moving to L.A. and by natural course of attraction, magnetically finds herself amongst other gypsy type souls to roam free and dangerously wreak havoc in the Hollywood Hills.

She's dangerous. Untamed. Unattainable. Mysterious. Wild and free. Every man's desire and every fathers worst nightmare. She's a WILDFLOWER.

The drums and bass tracks on this song, as with every other song on the album, were recorded at the world famous Sunset Sound Studio's. Once bass and drums were completed it was time to move onto guitars.

We decided to move into a smaller studio in Hollywood to begin the process. The first song up was "Wildflower". Myself and legendary engineer/producer Ross Hogarth were somewhat leery about the small size of the room that would attempt to handle the crushing volume of some of Ross's vintage modded Marshalls. By the end of recording the main guitar tracks for wildflower, the screws on the back of the cab had blown off and it felt like at any moment the entire room would explode and the walls would come tumbling down on top of us Lol!!

A cool fact about the guitar tracks on wildflower is that they were the only one's recorded at that studio. For after the near demise of that place, we'd move over and set up shop at the world famous NRG recording studio's to finish off the other 13 songs.

The song was an incredibly exciting process to record. Everything from choosing the right tones for electric guitar, to the right acoustic for the intro, which ended up being the owner of NRG, Jay Baumgardner's 1968 Gibson. Then creating the old school blues intro chants and our singer, Dusty Bo, playing harmonica through guitar player, Clay Davies Marshall stack, at a blistering volume which would become the harmonica's tone throughout the song. To say the least, it was super groovy good times!!

So Crank it up! Cause rock 'n' roll aint no riddle man, to us it makes good good sense!!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Future Villains' Wildflower

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