Singled Out: Chasing Velvet's If I May

Chasing Velvet

Chasing Velvet just released their new EP "Replay" last week and to celebrate we asked the duo to tell us about the single "If I May". Here is the story:

In the beginning there was woman, and a demo. A demo that now, sounds completely different to what is now 'If I may'. It seriously sounds like a completely different song, all about being young and partying. We took influence form The Fisher Boys club hit "G.O.T.E" and we left it at that for the mean time. Come recording time, we actually didn't like it very much. Naomi and I have never really been party people; we both would prefer to curl up with a good book on a Friday night instead of being surrounded by sweaty people ´┐Żah... dancing.

It felt inauthentic to us and we just couldn't connect with the words we were singing and as a result, couldn't finish it. With producer at the ready, lyrics in the trash and a new song on the horizon, we began down a path with seemingly no light at the end of the tunnel. Because we were so used to the old lyrics, a new theme felt impossible to come up with, so we did what any sane but stuck person would do - get coffee. At the coffee place we all took a much needed break, releasing our overheating brains and admired the sway of the palm trees in the wind; topic of conversation swung from the previous recording day's events and our future pursuits in the music industry i.e. world domination (jokes).

Once clear headed, the first line of the song appeared, the inability to produce a song is exactly what the lyrics (Or first few lines) are about. "I'm going up, down, somewhere between Tying my tongue around the things that I mean" It then morphed into something of an empowerment anthem in the coming hours; writing about our experiences in the music industry and intentions for the future are more straight forward and enjoyable to write about. More than this, everyone has felt as though they've needed to push through a situation, someone has weighed you down but finding strength from within is what 'If I may' is about.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the EP right here!

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Singled Out: Chasing Velvet's If I May

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