Singled Out: Love Stallion's Slow Release

Love Stallion

Denver glam rockers Love Stallion recently released their new album "Unforgettable Ride" and to celebrate we asked leader singer Aaron Hart to tell us about the opening track "Slow Release". Here is the story:

Slow Release was one of the very first songs we wrote for Love Stallion. My friend had extra tickets to a Muse concert in 2013 at Pepsi Center Denver, and the show, lights, and performance were absolutely incredible! I had brought some edibles, so after one of those, Rob and I starting getting in a very creative space. We started discussing what our absolute dream musical project would be. It was the same: big arena rock, like Muse, but throwback like Van Halen & Kiss.

Ideas started flying, and we started singing them into our phones. We wanted the full production: wardrobe, lights, smoke, crowd shouts, call & response, big walls of harmonies, and monstrous guitar riffs. We were going to world famous rock stars! Rob immediately came up "Slow Release", an obvious double entendre, an idea not just about finding love, but also that slow release into the weekend, letting go of the stress of the week, and firing up for a rock & roll party.

Rob came up with the basic chorus idea that night, and said he even had a riff to go with it. The same night, we were discussing the theme of the band: a big rock FM sound like in the 80s..."Big Rock Radio", and we even named the band after that song before we ultimately decided on "Love Stallion". So, both of these songs from that night are very much part of our identity as a band, and so very near and dear to us.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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