Singled Out: The Racer's Isolation

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The Racer are changing direction and releasing new singles one at a time instead of following traditional album path. We asked frontman Pete Marotta to tell us about the recent track "Isolation". Here is the story:

Isolation was written during a time of major changes within our band and within our country amid the 2016 presidential election. Everywhere we looked, we saw division. Even within our own band. There were not only political differences but also creative ones. Some members of the band wanted to continue the development of our sound and write the same way we always had. A band playing in a room and writing songs that were following a natural growth while not being afraid to play to our strengths. Other members wanting to scrap that process all together in favor of writing in the studio and using it as an instrument in order to explore sounds and song ideas that we never had before and try to avoid any of our musical tendencies.

While we were arguing about how to begin the next chapter of the band, we were watching our friends and family fighting with each other over the current political environment. It was really hard to see people turning on each other or just flat out shutting people out of their lives over political ideologies. It was becoming a familiar cycle playing out. Provide opinion, disagree, argue, accuse, name call, unfriend, or just ignore. I couldn't help but feel that our disagreement over the direction of the band was going to be a lot to overcome. This song proved to be a true reflection of how our conflict was dealt with.

The song started as a piano idea brought in by Eric. It came across really well with just piano, bass, guitar, vocals, and drums. A great song achieved with just the sound of the band playing in a room. It wasn't ground breaking but it was moving. Half the band loved it and half the band wanted to mess with it because they felt it was too familiar for us. Once again, it felt like us vs. them. After a lot of long and tough conversations we came to an understanding. We would write in the studio as one side of the band would keep pushing us to avoid tendencies, grow, and experiment while the other half would push for songs that would be able to stand up in their simplest form. This song represents a marriage of the two philosophies as both methods were incorporated. The foundation of the song is in fact the sound of the band but with studio experimentation adding a unique soundscape for a colorful and fresh listening experience. I am so thankful that both sides pushed as hard as they did. This current writing process has yielded us songs that we feel truly proud of because we feel like we have grown both musically and as friends. There is an appreciation for the chemistry between us and what each member brings to the table. It reminded me how grateful I am to be in a band. We disagree and argue all the time but have learned how to do so in a respectful way and with an open mind. How else can you evolve as a musician or as a person?

This is not a political song because as a band we cannot agree on most things politically. Instead, it's a plea that we don't let divisive times define us. That we don't let our pride hold us prisoner. It doesn't mean we will agree. To this day our band still does not see eye to eye on many things politically, but we have a much better understanding of why we feel the way we do and have found many common threads that connect us. I know that by disrespecting each other we will never get to a better place. It's about the walls we build around us. Whether those walls are political or personal. It's a plea to keep the conversations going. It's easy to rid your life of all the people you disagree with and only surround yourself with like minded individuals. I want to learn. I want to grow. I want to challenge and be challenged. I want to question and be questioned. I want to connect. I don't want to be in isolation.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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Singled Out: The Racer's Isolation

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