Singled Out: Legend of The Seagullmen (Tool and Mastodon)

Legend of The Seagullmen

Legend of The Seagullmen (features members of Tool and Mastodon) are releasing their debut album on February 9th and to celebrate we asked Jimmy Hayward to tell us about the single "The Fogger". Here is the story:

This new single is called "The Fogger," which is actually the name we call our drummer Danny Carey. As we approached the final stages of our debut album we got to talking about how Danny should have his own "Moby Dick" (no pun intended) on our album and really let him rip a solo on a ridiculous level, which he was stoked on. We set about recording a two-minute multi time signature solo which we intended to have Dom Lewis (who does all our orchestration out at Hans Zimmer's place) add that would be a standalone piece that featured D.C.'s crazy drumming with epic score.
Around the same time Jimmy Hayward had written a charging song in three for the next record and shown it to both Doctor and Danny. Doctor exclaimed that he felt like the song should be about the Fogger character and tell the tale of his karmic vengeance against those who abuse the creatures of the ocean by tearing the faces from their heads, just like Danny does with his ripping drumming. As it took hold, we all got into the idea and started tracking it in earnest while Doctor figured out the lyrics.

By the time we tracked and arranged it, we would up with a song that both reflects our feeling when we listen to Danny rip the faces from our skulls while we play with him and what we know he does to the audience as well as one that metaphorically represents what his character does to those who dare desecrate our beloved ocean. He's the karmic death bringer to all who dare misuse the ocean and it's beautiful creatures. You're left with a song that has not only ripping arrangements around soaring guitars and heavy solos but a massive breakdown featuring huge time shifts and Danny doing a completely blistering heavy drum solo befitting such a heavy dude.

"You have to put yourself in this environment that's vulnerable and just f***ing go off in the moment," says Carey, stressing how it's improvisation - which struggles to exist in more quantized or regimented performances - that's key to musical enlightenment.

"Most of the Tool stuff is pretty composed, so doing a song like The Fogger on this debut was neat," continues Carey.

"I'm pretty proud of the solo and I can sit back and say how glad I am it got tracked. I guess the hard part is if we go multi-platinum and loads of people end up listening to us, I will have to learn it for everyone. You sell that many copies, you owe it to the people!"

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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