Singled Out: Lifecurse's Buzzard Bait


Lifecurse recently released their new single 'Buzzard Bait" from their forthcoming album "The Wolf You Feed" produced by Jamie King. To celebrate we asked singer Will Moss to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

Buzzard Bait is a song that we started demoing for our 3rd LP very early on in the writing process. It was a step back from anything else we had done previously as far as the songwriting and approach to the music was handled. Very in your face, aggressive, but short and to the point. A lot of our songs early on went the progressive route and would be in excess of 4-5 minutes at times, which isn't always a band thing, but not for every song.

So with this song, and album, we wanted to switch things up a bit. We recorded the song with Jamie King (BTBAM, For Today) at his studio in Winston-Salem. Something about that place is just magical. It is a relaxing atmosphere where the creativity just starts flowing as soon as you enter the studio. We actually wrote the lyrics in the studio and tracked them the same day. Sometimes you just don't know how something is going to sound until you get it recorded.

So after playing with a few different variations of the vocal patterns and melodies, adding some layered hardcore gang-style vocals, writing a ridiculously catchy chorus, and a lead that sent the beginning of the song sailing into another dimension, we were able to really come out of the gate swinging with this song.

The lyrics of the song itself on the surface are pretty bare bones, but if you get beneath that surface layer you'll find a lot more than you expected. The content itself sums up the themes of the album, the highs and lows of life, digging deep when life get tough, finding your voice in the world, and leaving your mark all before we all meet our inevitable end, hopefully with little to no regrets.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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