Singled Out: Jeremy Parsons' Why is the Bluebird Blue?

Jeremy Parsons

Jeremy Parsons tells us about his latest single "Why is the Bluebird Blue?" which is track that comes from his most recent album "Things I Need To Say". Here is the story:

It all started when I was over at my friends house on an awesome Spring day. I was sitting on his back porch picking on his guitar and catching up on life. We had been sitting there for a good while when he looks over and says, "Hey man look at the Bluebird!" I immediately looked over and did not see a Bluebird. I saw a Blue Jay though. I looked at him and had to set him ornithologically straight. "Just because a bird is blue doesn't mean it's a Bluebird" I said.

My Dad has always been really into Birds and goes on a little bird watching excursion every year with his friends. With this in mind and what my friend had inspired on the porch, I was off into songwriter mode. On my way home from his house the question, "Why Is The Bluebird Blue?" popped into my head. As soon as I got home I grabbed my guitar and started expanding on it while also using myself and the human experience to try and relate.

It's hard to tell how people are feeling sometimes. Sometimes people might look blue but just because they appear to be doesn't necessarily make it so. I like the way the song and story naturally unfolded. It doesn't always happen like that but it's always fun and exciting and makes the creative process all the more fun. "Why Is The Bluebird Blue" is one of my favorite songs I've ever written. It was and is the perfect combination of where I come from as an artist and who I have become as a writer and it marked a big period of growth for me.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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