Singled Out: Shorelines' Worry About Yourself


Shorelines recently released their new single "Worry About Yourself" from their "Blank Pages & Broken Records" EP and to celebrate we asked Sean Fisher to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

"Worry About Yourself" was written as a statement to all the people who think they need to get involved and aimlessly screw around with everyone else's lives when they need to just worry about themselves. After a huge writers block we decided we needed to write something more up beat and make more of an impact, so taking inspiration from the people who have tried to hold us back, we came up with the idea.

The song was written around a lyric at the start of the chorus "We'll prove to you and them and everyone else that nothing you can say will ever bring us down 'cause we're doing alright so just worry about yourself", basically just pushing the idea that it doesn't matter what anyone tells you, what anyone says about you or what anyone thinks about you, as long as you are doing whatever you want, nothing else matters. Towards the end of the track, the lyric "Do you think it's okay to act like nothing happened, you think that we forget just because things have changed" is a reminder that you don't forget about the people in your past who have treated you badly, and when they come crawling back wanting something from you, they end up with what they deserve.

Back at the start of 2018 before we set off on our first ever national tour, we decided that this song would be perfectly represented by a music video showing a combination of our live performance and footage from the tour. We were lucky enough to have our good friend and film producer Adrian Eyre head down to Sydney with us to film the biggest performance we had played to date which enabled us to show our audience that we are doing what we love despite what anyone says or thinks about us.

We hope you like the song and relate to message, it might not be the heaviest hate song you've ever heard but we think the lyrics push a good message, enjoy!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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