Singled Out: Lacrimas Profundere's A New Scar

Lacrimas Profundere

Lacrimas Profundere recently released their new album "Bleeding the Stars" and to celebrate we asked Oliver Nikolas Schmid to tell us about the song "A New Scar". Here is the story:

A New Scar, the working title was Motley Crue, so.. OK, first of all I think it's not typical choice to use a bonus track for the story. But, why not? Lets go back in time, I think it was our first trip to Paris back in 2006. We�ve had a show booked at the La Locomotive club. This club stand wall to wall to the "Moulin Rouge". Soon as we started the trip we were on fire and thought we would be the next Motley Crue.

We had a hotel with about 40 floors but no balcony only these railing made of iron, you need to be able to clean the windows outside. You are only able to enter these iron pieces via the window. Sudden, think it was about 10 pm I heard a knocking on the window from outside and my brother and me opens it. What we saw was our naked drummer Willi. We look down on the street and his clothes were laying on the pavement.

We've opened the window and let him in, but he was complete out of his mind. he took the chair next door and smash it against the floor till the chair was completely broken, then he wanted to smash our complete hotel room and there was a wooden light cover on the wall above the bed and he hangs on to and wanted to tear it out of the wall. my brother and me wanted to pull him out of our room so Christopher had one leg, me the other, so Willi hangs in our room his hands on the light cover, Christopher his left leg, me his right and the small "willy" was hanging below, suddenly it cracks and he fall down on the bed and we were able to bring him out of our room.

Next day we had soundcheck at 7 in the morning, cause at 9 the girls at Moulin Rouge started their rehearsals and loud metal music is disturbing for them. Nobody talked about what happens last night, only my brother, he was hanging naked in the club as the promoter came in and said, that this will be the last show in our whole lives we would play in her club as long as she is the promoter there. you have to know that we rehearse the song called "Voyage, Voyage" in French only for that night and wanted to play it as encore, but as we left the stage, nobody was screaming like "we want more".

Nevertheless, we decided to go out but. as we entered the stage again, the light was on and the crowd on the way back home. laughs. The same night we realized, that we are not Motley Crue, but still a night to remember. the song is a real rocker and is Dedicated to that night

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Lacrimas Profundere's A New Scar

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