Singled Out: Five AM's Crazy

Five AM

Five AM recently released a video for their brand new single "Crazy" and to celebrate we asked lead vocalist Sam Nelson to tell us about the inspiration behind the track. Here is the story:

""Crazy" is a simple commentary about being called crazy and then owning it. In my life, it's proven far better to accept that I've got a few screws loose rather than dwell on why I'm not considered normal by some. The most interesting people I've met would probably all admit that they've got a few screws loose. In the song, I reference being called crazy for chasing the dream of being a full-time musician. I'm sure many people can relate to being ridiculed for following their dreams.

"Crazy" is a follow up to "Wrong" which was a big hit with our fans. We wanted to show them that we were starting to home in on our sound. This was important to us considering the rest of our discography has been so absent of one consistent genre. We kept the instrumentation and key signature the same between the two songs for familiarity. Our aim for "Wrong" and "Crazy" was to find a happy medium between distorted guitars and 808s. We want the energy of a rock song with the confidence of a pop or rap song.

The song was written entirely off the main guitar riff that plays throughout most of the song. Variations of the instrumentation were paired with the main riff to create the different sections. It was written with a simple structure (verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, chorus). The first verse and the bridge have electronic instrumentation while the rest of the song is made up of drums, bass, and guitar. The chorus is intentionally simple, almost nursery rhyme-like. We prefer catchy over convoluted any day of the week.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself right here!

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Singled Out: Five AM's Crazy

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