Singled Out: Soaware's We Shall Be One


Italian alt rock duo Soaware are preparing to release their self-titled debut in July and to celebrate we asked Damiano Bessi to tell us about the single "We Shall Be One". Here is the story:

We Shall Be One is the most important song for Soaware, and for a very simple reason, first of all because is the first one, but above all because despite it was the first song, we got from the first notes some kind of good vibes difficult to describe.

I remember we both watched each other and we said, hey! Wow!! It works! Did we do that?! It was wired because our plan was to start doing something different from what we had done until that moment in terms of music and writing methods, but we couldn't imagine to find the right way in a short time like that, immediately, it was incredibly natural.

The plan was to start building a song structure with acoustic guitar and piano , get a couple of riffs and after that to start modeling the song with synths , samplers, drums , electric guitars and voice.

So, the plan seemed to be good , but we thought that maybe after years in a small rehearsal room with 5 or 6 people that killed each other with indescribable high volumes, so loud that it Is a sort of miracle that we still can hear something, approaching the music creation in this new methodical way was not rock enough for us.

We were worried to face limits and obstacles because the approach was completely new and too much different from our past and we were just two people thinking about all the instruments and the global sound , this last point was not a small detail at all.

But with surprise and excitement we understood it was working from the first seconds. In a while we got the verse with the acoustic guitar and the refrain using an old wall piano and Ema was so inspired that he found the voice parts immediately.

At that point we just recorded everything and we started literally transforming those acoustic instruments in something different in something electronic maybe pop but some how still a little sick as we were used to do, wanted it or not, that kind of melancholy it has been always part of our music and we didn't change our style we were just using different tools, methods , ingredients making our music.

We realized that it was totally different this is true but it was our music and we recognized ourselves in that sound. This experience also inspired the song lyrics.

Soaware band and We Shall Be One born from the desire to escape from the musical world we have been in until that moment but we knew we couldn't escape for real, because that world was and is part of us , despite we felt far from it in that moment.

This totally wired feeling is something that occurred in our life time per time and we understood that we don't have to escape from that important part of our life because we will missed it sooner or later and we'll regret it, we just need to understand what it doesn't work anymore and fix it or change it making it still ours.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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Singled Out: Soaware's We Shall Be One

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