Singled Out: Devil Love's Everywhere Leads The Sound

Keavin Wiggins | 12-29-2020

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Singled Out: Devil Love's Everywhere Leads The Sound
Cover art courtesy devious planet media

Devil Love recently released their new song "Everywhere Leads The Sound" from their forthcoming album "Broken Things" and to celebrate we have asked Peter Buzzelle to tell us about the origins of the song. Here is the story:

A lot of the time I don't really know where a song comes from. It's as though the idea is out there waiting for me and if I'm in the 'zone' I can just reach out and grab it from the ether.

With Everywhere Leads the Sound, I had just bought my second electric guitar, a black Gibson Les Paul. My first guitar was a cherished Telecaster. However, my brother-in-law (also a guitar player) informed me that if I was to buy another guitar, it would have to be a Les Paul. I learned, right away, that it sounded nothing like a Tele, with a very thick tone, which inspired me to start "banging" out low notes. As a drummer first, I typically hear the drums in my head when writing and I could hear this staccato rhythm lining up with the riff I was creating. The origins of a possible song? I really didn't know. This was about 15 years ago. Some songs come together rather quickly, while others take time-sometimes a lot of time.

Over the next several years the idea just sat there in my 'ideas to work on more' head file. I would pick up the song occasionally and eventually came up with a possible chorus. I then recorded a home demo of the song to present to the band and, initially, it didn't really take, so it went back to the 'work on later' file. Around this time my first-born daughter (Olivia Jane) was born.

Olivia was a very busy kid with a dramatic personality from a young age. At the park one day, when she was about 3 years old, I heard another parent say to their child: "you get what you get, don't get upset", while sharing snacks. I found my chorus line. Write that down! We then found out several years later that Olivia was diagnosed with ADHD. I began thinking about Olivia's experience in life and her plight of existence became the inspiration for the remainder of the song. One aspect of her experience was that she was hyper-sensitive to everything around her, with sound being "everywhere". The song later morphed into its final state; a broader commentary on society and the need to take in life with gratitude. I thought, I've got this one now and I've got the band that can pull it off! I dusted off the old demo, and we added the new chorus, spruced up the bridge, cut some stuff that wasn't working, and hashed it out in rehearsals until it reached its final arrangement.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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Singled Out: Devil Love's Everywhere Leads The Sound

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