Singled Out: Izzie's Caravan's Drownin' Man's Blues

Keavin Wiggins | 06-18-2020

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Izzie's Caravan

Izzie's Caravan just released their new single 'Drownin' Man's Blues' from their brand new 'On The Pull' EP and to celebrate we asked Izzie to tell us about the single. Here is the story:

"I'll go on the record and say 'Drownin' Man's Blues' is easily one of the coolest tracks I've ever written, and you can hold me to this that years down the road, this will be the track that I'll always have a very fond affinity for. In general, I'll always hold 'On The Pull' as the record that's most reflective of my identity as a musician, and this track in particular speaks volumes about how the blues has allowed me to therapeutically release a lot of my personal frustrations in life.

This track may disguise itself as a standard blues-rock song, but at a personal level its very representative of my state of mind which is being stuck living in a place which I don't particularly resonate with in terms of social and political beliefs. So when I was writing this record, and this track in particular, I really wanted to express myself at a deep introspective level and the lyrics of this song represent the degree of suffocation I experienced in terms of the world around me. I guess, the key word here is suffocation..and a feeling of helplessness that needed too be overcome.

So being a Tolkein fan, I sometimes use his writings as a mechanism of escapism...pick up his texts and use them to suspend reality for a while...and when it came to writing the lyrics for this song, I used a similar concept, in this case Mississippi, as an outlet of escapism for a blues musician who wants to just leave everything behind, take his cat and strats and head out to a life playing the blues. Granted there is a deliberate sense of anger and frustration in the song, but there's an equal deliberate sense of optimism that despite all that's wrong around you, there's always an outlet...and that's the core message of the song.

I hope audiences appreciate the song and the record in general and relate to the authenticity of the it. 'On The Pull', has been such a therapeutic experience for me at a personal level and I hope that listeners will relate to it and use it a form of release as well.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the EP here

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Singled Out: Izzie's Caravan's Drownin' Man's Blues

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