Singled Out: Voodoo Gods' Rise Of The Antichrist

Keavin Wiggins | 05-15-2020

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Voodoo Gods

Voodoo Gods released their new album "The Divinity Of Blood" this week and to celebrate we asked Alex Voodoo to tell us about the song "Rise Of The Antichrist". Here is the story:

"Rise Of The Antichrist" was the second song I wrote for our upcoming, second album"The Divinity Of Blood". This is one of the few songs, where the drum melody was the pivotal point of the whole song. Few moments after the first minute you can hear five very distinguished strokes on the tom-tom drums; played melodically like a piano or bass line. That was the foundation of the whole song and I knew, I wanted to create the track around that drum pattern. You know, when I normally write songs, I have a certain melody in my head and try to arrange the song around that tune.

I didn't want to start the song to fast, because the tom-tom melody would have slowed down the whole energy and vibe.

That is why the song starts with a rock groove, most people will think it's a hardcore tune. until the tom-tom pattern kicks in.

The title to the song already existed for several years. Few years ago, I recorded some percussion ensemble in Haiti and Santo Domingo. On one of those trips, I overdosed on snake poison and for the rest of the day, I felt a certain presence.

Once we got to a gravesite, it just got worse, to the point where I noticed a shade in the water. That was pretty cool, because there were certain sounds on that recording later on. Exactly that shade showed up in one of my dreams, after I read old translations from the anti-messiah and the second coming. Those are two different things, the concept is the same, but taken from divergent eschatology.

In the lyric, the Antichrist destroys the worlds, their creed and the ikon of the Nazarene. Period !!

Seth did a phenomenal job singing the chorus; so aggressive and spot-on, you can feel and hear the tension !! The tom-tom pattern needed some accompaniment to smooth down the monotony and the fact that you can only hear drums. Jean (Baudin) did few demo versions for me, specific for that tom-tom section. The first idea blew my mind and landed on the record. "Rise Of The Antichrist" has some unusual guitar solos, I hope the fans will be caught off-guard and pleasantly surprised. When all arrangements were complete, I knew, this has to be the opener for the new album.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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Singled Out: Voodoo Gods' Rise Of The Antichrist

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