Silly News: Smells Like Sea Lion, Dion that is -  Britney Spears Afraid of Lightning, Gives the Finger to Mexico – Hager Calls Roth An Ass. 

08-01-02 antiGUY
Want to smell like Sea Lion? Dion that is. You are in luck as the Canadian singer has announced that she is going to release her own brand of perfume. Coty Inc, best known for their Stetson and Jovan lines of fragrances will develop and market the new Celine Dion perfume. 

"I wanted to partner with a beauty company that  would develop a product in a line with my values,"  Dion said. "Like creating music, it is important that beauty products appeal to both one's senses and emotions." 

Dion will follow in the steps of Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Taylor, Naomi Campbell and Michael Jordan who all have their own brand of fragrances in stores. 

Who’s next? Rumor has it that Gene Simmons of KI$$ is also considering his own fragrance. 

Britney Spears Afraid of Lightning, Gives the Finger to Mexico. 

Britney Spears made quite an impression on Mexico last week. First she gave photographers the bird when she arrived at a Mexican airport. She further made news when she abruptly ended her concert in Mexico City last Sunday Night after only performing four songs. 

Spears and concert organizers said Monday that the Mexico City show was ended prematurely due to safety concerns. Seems there were thunderstorms in the area and the teen diva didn’t want to take a risk of being struck by lightning. After Spears left the stage, the house lights went up and the reported 50,000 fans in attendance were told by an announcer over the PA that the show was over. Some disappointed fans took to yelling “fraud” at the stage that Spears had recently exited, according to local press accounts. Other fans reportedly hurled Spears related merchandise at the stage. 

"The Mexican fans are some of the best in the world," Spears said in a statement. "However, for the security of my company and the audience, as well as for the show's quality, I had to suspend my performance." 

Concert promoters have stated that fans will be able to receive a refund. 

 As for the middle finger incident at the airport, many fans thought that Spears was giving them the finger but Spears tried to spin the incident during a press conference last Friday, "Actually what happened was, I got off the plane and everyone was driving really  recklessly around me, all the paparazzi. And they almost hit our vehicle and they kept on getting out," said Spears. "But I love my fans here, I embrace them completely. It was the paparazzi that I was mad at. I'm human, too. I get mad like everyone else."

Hager Calls Roth An Ass

Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar told the New York Post some unkind things about Dave Lee Roth, whom he had recently completed a co-headlining tour with. 

"The guy is a [bleep]hole," Hagar told the New York Post’s PageSix.com. "He will never go on tour with me again. He's gonna have to draw a crowd on his own."

"He's not a man of his word," Hagar said. "Dave came to me because no one wanted to book him by himself, because he's such a flake and he has such a bad reputation. But I just can't work with him anymore."

"His voice is not too good. You sit there and go, 'I just saw a guy who was half the singer and half the performer he used to be, who spray-paints his hair on before he goes on stage and still acts like he's in Van Halen in 1982!'” Blasts Hagar. “It's a joke to me, it's like Liberace or something."

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