The Doors Reunite With The Cult Frontman. Possible Recordings With STP and Creed Vocalist.

07-05-02 antiGUY
The remaining members of the Doors have officially reunited and aside from scheduled live performances will also return to the studio to record new material for a future album. 

But how can a band carryon without the most visible member of the group missing? The Doors are getting a little help from their friends. Yahoo’s Launch Media spoke with The Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek who told them about how the band is proceeding with the album project,  “We're going to be sending out the instrumental version of the songs to a couple of different singers,” Manzarek told Launch. Which singers? Manzarek speculated, “Scott Weiland's interested in doing some stuff, and maybe Scott Stapp and certainly Ian Astbury.” The same frontmen who had previously helped the Doors by standing in for Jim Morrison for the taping of a special live concert for VH1. 

The Cult's Ian Astbury is already onboard to perform live with the band on September 6 when the band will perform at California Motor Speedway in Fontana, California as part of the Harley-Davidson Open Road Tour. 

Rumors are flying among fans of The Cult that Astbury will also front the band during an upcoming European tour, but at this point there has been no confirmation of this from either The Doors or The Cult camps. 

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