Singled Out: Matt Rosa's Times Have Changed

Keavin Wiggins | 08-24-2021

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Photo courtesy Big Picture Media

Matt Rosa recently released his debut single "Times Have Changed," which was produced by The Early November's Ace Enders and Bruce Weigner. To celebrate we asked Matt to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

“Times Have Changed, and So Have I” is the record I’ve been dreaming about writing for year. Man, life’s been a weird journey of peaks and valleys as it’s been for you as well I’m sure. I like to pride myself on being conscious through so many of these moments to try and find what can be learned throughout them. I had no idea why but I knew I would tell my story in a way only I could tell it and that’s what this record is. Allowing others to know, “Hey, toughs times aren’t gonna last but the tough people going through them do. This too shall pass, that means the good AND the bad. So be present and enjoy the highs, but be patient through them lows.”

I've gotten married, had many trials and tribulations with my family, seen the world (over 40 countries), became the first “success” story for my family, spoke in front of thousands and thousands of people, jumped off cliffs in Asia, hiked to the peak of mountains in Europe, danced in the streets in South America and then BOOOOOM….COVID.

It hit like a ton of bricks because for the first time I had to confront a lot that I was personally diving. I knew I could either go through it or grow through it and the growing pains were tough, lemme tell ya! But because of it, I gained so much clarity that allowed me to communicate what I was going through and wrote these songs, including Times Have Changed.

I chose Ace Enders to help find that sound I couldn’t figure out, I trusted him to help me tell this journey and he over delivered. He connected me with some of the best people I could ever ask for to help really bring this thing to life. We’ve been writing and recording for nearly a year and the time has come and so much has changed in that year, but so have I, and I’m grateful for it all and beyond stoked on the journey ahead.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about Matt here

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Singled Out: Matt Rosa's Times Have Changed

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