Singled Out: Juliana Riccardi's Full Cup

Keavin Wiggins | 08-30-2021

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Singer-songwriter Juliana Riccardi just released the title track to her forthcoming EP, "Full Cup", and to celebrate we asked her to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

The writing behind "Full Cup" moves through the flavors of life and love like the coffee, water, whiskey in each verse - with each scene having been written at different times and places. Like most of my songs, I only write for as long as the inspiration is flowing and the imagery and words are pretty involuntary and energetically aligned with the song.

It started out at a coffee shop in my neighborhood (I'm a big lover of the coffee experience). I had my guitar with me and a friend sitting across from me practiced on his flute and needed a simple key to work with. I chose 'G' and started strumming a progression. As I played, I couldn't ignore the reminders of my own recent losses and challenges, some that had played out right where I sipped from my cup. Then in the next moment, while strumming a blues progression, my inner voice challenged those thoughts with a different perspective. I felt a nod toward a new day and another chance to hone in on my dreams and everything I deserve. So, the song it wrote itself.... ''Got my cup o' coffee, ready to start my day. Got a lot of work to do, won't let trouble in my way. It ain't always easy to stay on track, but I know if I focus, focus, focus, I'll get it right back"

Verse two continued at home at my kitchen window with a view of Mar Vista. I had kept this idea of self-love quite close after my last break-up. When we're practicing self-love, we are full - not chasing or in a state of lacking. Full Cup's verse two flowed out with it's glass of water analogy. "Got this glass of water, she sure is full. With a pretty face, little waist, and a heart that is good. Ain't nothing wrong with a little self-love, cuz' if you aint gonna love you, love you, love you- don't expect it from no one." In a culture that might label you as arrogant or pompous to say you love your face, your waist and your heart, I actually felt it was important to keep that line in there and challenge this misconception. We should love our face, our body and our heart because we are all unique works of art. I think it's important to think and say: "heck yeah, I love me. I take care of me".

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about Juliana here

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Singled Out: Juliana Riccardi's Full Cup

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