Of Mice & Men Rediscovered Why They Make Music

Keavin Wiggins | 02-21-2021

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Timeless cover art

Of Mice & Men are gearing up to release their new "Timeless" EP this coming Friday (February 26th) and Aaron Pauley shared in a new interview that the band have been forced to work on new material remotely, and they have not actually seen one another in perform for about a year.

But Aaron also said that not being able to tour and having to communicate via Zoom has forced him and his bandmates to go back and rediscover the original reason why they were inspired to first make music.

Australian YouTuber Metal Mal caught up with Pauly to discuss the EP and Aaron shared, "I haven't even seen my bandmates in about a year in person. But we've been working over Zoom. And because we all kind of live apart from each other anyway, that was, I think, going to be the main method that we were going to write, and I think this just kind of forced us into jumping in with both feet.

"But I think this time has allowed us more time to focus on the purely creative side of being a band and making music rather than the live touring and live entertainment business side of being in a band.

"As far as the art is concerned and the musical conversation, I've always said when a band releases new songs, that's the beginning of the conversation.

"I think not having the method of communication in the form of live shows and touring and just how that is communicative in and of itself, I think it's kind of forced us to go back to finding the original reason why we all wanted to play music in the first place.

"At least for me personally, I always just wanted to write songs. So being put in a position where it's, like, 'Okay, this is all you have to do right now', if you choose to do it, because it's not even you have to. You can utilize this time that you can't spend doing something, and you can spend it doing something you can do. "

Stream the full interview below:

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