Singled Out: Heavenly Reyna's EXIT (Acoustic)

Keavin Wiggins | 07-21-2021

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photo credit: Jeanne Dee courtesy Press Here

Heavenly Reyna just premiered an acoustic rendition of her single "EXIT" and to celebrate we have asked her to tell us about the track. She will be hosting a special livestreamed release party for the single tonight (July 21st) on Twitch's frontpage at 9PM PT. Here is the story:

My song "EXIT" popped into my head as I sat in traffic one day on the 405 in Los Angeles. It was one of those moments of everyday life we all know well, no matter where we live. Out of nowhere the melody and first lines "traffic on the 405, is unbearable at this time" came to me and just stayed with me all day and all week, kind of demanding that I complete the song.

I had a certain amount of resistance to it at first as I did not take it seriously or think it was something I wanted to write a song about. As it evolved, I began to love it and really enjoy the quirky juxtaposition of seeing the similarities between the agony of traffic and ending a relationship.

I usually write songs with a producer or by producing them myself, so I do the lyrics, melody, and production all at once. "EXIT" was different, though, because it was just done on piano.

When I play "EXIT" live or livestream it on Twitch, audiences around the world just love it, relate to it, and sing along. I've been in traffic jams in Beijing, London, Paris, Sydney, Barcelona, NYC... even in Jordan, Morocco & Bhutan, so I understand firsthand what a universal experience it is. I think it is cathartic to have a sense of humor to soften the trials and pains of life.

I joined Twitch during the pandemic as a way to share my music with the world from my bedroom, quickly made partner, and I'm so grateful for how quickly I've grown. I just hit 2 million channel views! The people that tune in really love "EXIT" and have inspired me so much with their amazing support.

I am really thrilled that "EXIT" inspires my audience because that is what inspires me to stream! I love the chat on Twitch that lets me know in real time how my audience feels. They flood my chat timeline with thousands of emotes of me holding an exit sign when I sing the song there! I really hope they will love the "EXIT" acoustic video as much. Now that the song is out, they can listen while I go back into the studio and create a produced version of the song and a new music video. I think the big lessons are to trust yourself, trust your audience, and listen to what they want!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, watch the video for yourself below, stream the song here and tune in for the special Release Party on Twitch at 9PM PT here

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Singled Out: Heavenly Reyna's EXIT (Acoustic)

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