Singled Out: Ghostatic's The New Revelation

Keavin Wiggins | 11-29-2021

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Don't Stand So Close To Me cover art

Ghostatic recently release the new EP, "Don't Stand So Close To Me", and to celebrate we asked mastermind Adamo Fiscella to tell us about the track "The New Revelation". Here is the story:

Can you imagine what an alien invasion would be like? Would it be violent? Would we get wiped off the face of the earth? Would they enslave us? Save us?

This is the basis for my new single "The New Revelation". The story takes us through one of the possible outcomes. It might be the only viable option, considering the state we're currently in. We can't fix ourselves. The human species is fundamentally flawed. Either way, we're f***ed. I'm a positive person, I swear!

It's a painstaking process when it comes to the production. Especially since I do everything. Writing, performing, recording, sound design, mixing, and even mastering. I wanted to take the listener to another world. I have so many layers of synth, vocals, and percussion. I try my best to keep the format acceptable to a casual listener without those who are more analytical predicting the next chord or lyric. It's a delicate balance between heavy and aggressive, melodic and emotional, Rock and Electronic, and so forth.

The music video has a similar message. It has a post-apocalyptic Mad Max feel. All of my friends made cameos in it. We almost burned the warehouse down shooting the final scene. I also happen to DJ at a swinger's club in the same building so that could have been double devastating! You may not believe this, but we shot the entire video without a budget. It helps when all your friends are down for whatever and your good friend is the videographer. Shout out to Black Veil Studios for helping create the concept. Lastly, I did all the post production and edits. Again, another painstaking process. But it was well worth it.

If there is anything positive to take away from this song, don't try to summon aliens to come to Earth.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the EP here

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Singled Out: Ghostatic's The New Revelation

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