Singled Out: Cory Singer's Somebody's Heart

Keavin Wiggins | 09-08-2021

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Cory Singer

Singer/songwriter and Autism Advocate Cory Singer recently released his new single "Somebody's Heart" and to celebrate we have asked him to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

I wrote "Somebody's Heart" a few years ago, sort of based on a true story. There was a new girl at work that I thought was really cute, and so this song was about her. The line "you make me feel tall" is one that most people look at figuratively-- like this girl was one who pushed me to do great things and kept my head up high.

However, when I wrote the song I actually meant this in a literal way. I am only 5'5" and have a relatively short man complex. This cute girl was actually shorter than me, making the words in my song very factual! A bit tongue in cheek as to how I got started with the lyrical side of my track. The composition was actually inspired by a song from the 1950's era "Earth Angel". I was watching Back to the Future the night before, and the song was in my head. Overall, I really wanted to write a wedding or engagement song, I have a very romantic heart, I believe in love and I wanted others to be inspired by love. My generation is so disconnected from romance in the traditional sense, we are all slaves to our phones. Love is not dead, That was my real message.

This single followed my last one called "Someone", also themed around love-- but describing my struggles with finding love while being autistic. "Somebody's Heart" gave my listeners some hope that I actually did end up finding love when it was all said and done! I am becoming known as the Love Man because I truly love writing and composing love songs.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below or stream or download via your preferred service here

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Singled Out: Cory Singer's Somebody's Heart

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