Bad Veins Delivering New Album In December


Bad Veins

(Prospect PR) After an 8-year hiatus, Ben Davis of the experimental indie-pop group Bad Veins has emerged from his attic-based studio - a space filled with a 1970s Mattel Optigan electronic organ, a megaphone, and his trusty reel to reel recorder named “Irene” - carrying with him the band's third album, 'Imposter.' Set to be released on December 1st via Dynamite Music, 'Imposter' is being hailed by Davis as possibly his magnum opus.

“I do think it’s the best record I’ve ever made, but there is a reluctance for me to even admit that,” he laughs. “I am in constant fluctuation back and forth as to whether I want to be a public person, or just keep to myself. I had no career ambitions when I first started Bad Veins. I just enjoyed making music in my attic. So, there is always the feeling of ‘imposter syndrome’ when I have to do music business type things.”

True to Bad Veins' signature style, the album promises a blend of pop subversion with classic influences. From synthetic woodwinds and choirs, lo-fi textures, to the infectious hooks of 1980s new wave synths, 'Imposter' takes listeners on a unique musical journey.

A highlight of 'Imposter' is its lead single, “Wendy,” a bold choice for the spotlight, which offers a blend of robotic beats, ethereal synths, and sing-song vocals, resulting in an off-kilter yet captivating rhythm. The unusual song arrangement also features an intentional vinyl record skip, and a mellotron flute solo. Of course, “Wendy” is also adorned with splashes of soaring 1980s synth-pop hooks. The song's nostalgic essence is brought to life in its newly released camcorder-shot music video, out today.

“I wrote Wendy a while ago, while in a particularly nostalgic mood,” Ben adds. “It started with the drums actually. I was experimenting with a beat, building a loop that I thought felt cozy. I felt like I had a lot to say in that moment, but overwhelmed by the idea of putting complicated feelings into words, I started by asking myself, ‘Where do I begin?’... It seemed like a good place to start. I tried to get out of my own way and let the ideas flow. I'm not sure I can really take credit for what it became. It's just a moment in time.”

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Bad Veins Delivering New Album In December

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