SWMRS Go 'DIY' With New Visualizer



(SRO) With a refreshed lineup consisting of original members and songwriters MAX (vocals, guitar) and COLE BECKER (vocals, guitar)-and the addition of their brother CADE BECKER on bass-SWMRS have self-released a new album, SONIC TONIC, out now digitally. Tapping into disparate influences ranging from the Greek songs of friend and mentor Mihalis Hionas to the honky-tonk stylings of guitar teacher Mitch Polzak, SWMRS continue to draw inspiration from the music they grew up with, crafting unique hooks and vivid lyrics to draw listeners into their distinctive brand of punk music.

The trio have released a visualizer video for the single "DIY" today, November 1. With lyrics catering to SWMR's independent stature, "So, you gotta make the choice: Are you gonna make some noise? Start your own paradise, Gotta D I, oh D I Y. It's D I Y," it's a fitting statement regarding SONIC TONIC.

"The song is about getting back up when you are down, and being the only one that can change your own fate," shares MAX. "If you want to 'race' again, it's going to be because you made it happen yourself."

Raised in the Bay Area of California, SWMRS will celebrate SONIC TONIC's release and the new lineup with a headlining show November 19 in their hometown of Berkeley, CA at Cornerstone.

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SWMRS Go 'DIY' With New Visualizer

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