Singled Out: AP Tobler's Death Waltz

Keavin Wiggins | 11-13-2023

AP Tobler

Alternative grunge artist and multi-instrumentalist AP Tobler releases the new single "Death Waltz," and to celebrate we asked AP to tell us about the track and video. Here is the story:

I began to write Death Waltz at my grandparents' house, using the old acoustic guitar that was gifted to me when I was 8. I was feeling lonely, lost, and wishing to cease to exist. The first half of the song was written over the span of about 10 minutes, and the second half was written a few months later. I then recorded it at District Recording in San Jose, CA, where I played all of the tracks.

I thought it'd be fun to pair such a dark song with a silly music video, so I gathered some of my friends and began shooting. The video is seemingly fairly ordinary at first, as it features myself at a steampunk masquerade, brooding and singing along to the song. However, about halfway through the song, I appear once more in a plague doctor mask. I begin to invite various guests to dance with me and then proceed to murder all of them. The end of the video reveals that the plague doctor was (obviously) me and pans over the corpses of the guests.

In the song, I mention three Greek mythological figures - Atlas, Tantalus, and Sisyphus. All three of these characters bear impossible tasks/punishment, and at the time of writing, I felt that I bore my own torturous burden - existence. At its core, Death Waltz is a love letter to the inevitability of death

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the AP here

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Singled Out: AP Tobler's Death Waltz

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