Singled Out: Loose Fang's Goodbye

Keavin Wiggins | 11-15-2023

Loose Fang

Loose Fang just released their new album, "Live Wires, Black Sheep", and to celebrate we asked band leader Adam Sabla to tell us about the single "Goodbye". Here is the story:

When I was in my early to mid twenties I was in a relationship that lasted six years. We were inseparable for most of that time-even playing in bands together and working at the same job. What began innocently as two young people in love inadvertently morphed into a sort of co-dependence, while resentments grew beneath the surface. I think we both felt that we gave so much of ourselves to the other that, when the relationship imploded rather suddenly, the impulse was to point fingers as to who was at fault. In time it revealed itself to be no one's fault-that we were just two young people that didn't know what we were doing. We were immature and inexperienced, and it felt like we were just playing house.

In the years that followed I wanted to find a way to process the relationship and heal, finding a closure in that experience while also admitting my role in its demise. Distance allows you to remember the many positive moments; that the perceived negative ones were probably not that bad; and that you need to forgive yourself and your former partner because-my god-we were just kids. Biting each others' heads off solves nothing; no one is innocent, and yet, both naive and well-meaning.

Musically, my hands fell into that familiar cowboy chord format-ground zero of many a heartbreak song. The opening line of "I Fought In A War" by Belle and Sebastian resonated in my head, and though I'm not terribly familiar with their catalog, that song and its arpeggiated 12-string electric chime chime evoked an essence of the mid-sixties Merseybeat and folk-rock sound. I envisioned it as a duet, each line having meaning to either party in the aftermath-not blame, just acceptance and growing apart with kindness in their hearts rather than cruelty.

I tried recording it years ago around that time as part of an shelved solo album, and was never heard except by a close few that always said it was strong and moody. When Loose Fang was working up material for what would become our full length, Live Wires, Black Sheep, I dusted this one off and presented it to the group. I was encouraged by their reaction, as I always thought it evoked the bittersweet reckoning of growing up and growing apart. In the end we jacked up the tempo a smidge, and played it live in the studio. Though the duet itself morphed into my singing with myself, I still see it as two people singing the same words to each other, having different yet mirrored experiences.

My hope is that "Goodbye" resonates with listeners, as we've all been through something similar. Relationships are challenging, often mired in misunderstanding, wildly different upbringings, and just trying to make if work-sometimes far longer than we should. It's also a testament to the lure in sometimes foolishly following love rather than logic-a beautiful and powerful impulse that should never be ignored.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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Singled Out: Loose Fang's Goodbye

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