The Rods Channel Motorhead With 'Shockwave'


The Rods Channel Motorhead With 'Shockwave'

The Rods have premiered a music video for their new single "Shockwave", which comes from the group's forthcoming studio album, "Rattle The Cage", that is set to be released on January 12, 2024.

David "Rock" Feinstein had this to say, "This again, like 'Rattle The Cage', was a title that Carl had sent me with some lyric ideas, and came to completion the same way as 'Rattle The Cage'.

"It's basically just a rock song that interprets how you feel, as the artist playing it, or a fan listening. It's reminiscent of a Motorhead song, as an all out balls to the wall rock 'n' roll song. Basic, and to the point.

"There have been times when The Rods have been referred to as the 'American Motorhead', so in this song that's what it feels like. Fast, Loud, and always proud.

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The Rods Channel Motorhead With 'Shockwave'

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