Thomas Nicholas Band Get Nostalgic With 'Same Kids'


Thomas Nicholas Band Get Nostalgic With 'Same Kids'

(Earshot) Thomas Nicholas Band, which is fronted by musician/actor Thomas Nicholas of 'American Pie' / "Rookie Of The Year" fame, have premiered a new single called "Same Kids"

The band is currently writing original songs for their 7th studio album being produced by Taylor Carroll (LIT, Kemikalfire) in collaboration with artists such as, Jaret Reddick (Bowling for Soup), Ace Enders (the Early November), Tom Higgenson (Plain White T's) Matthew Kennedy (The Dangerous Summer) Adrian Estrella (Zebrahead), Ajay Popoff (LIT), Andrew Goldstein and more.

Nicholas had this to say, "The cover art is just about showing the stretch of my career and even though 30 years have passed, I still feel like the same kid. Which I think is true for us all.

"The person that pops in my head is my friend from Kindergarten, who recently passed away. We would see each other every 5 years or so, and each time it was like no time had passed. It honestly still feels like he isn't gone.

"The song was a concept that Taylor Carroll had an idea for. Just about writing a song that talked about how we all still feel the same since we were kids. The chord progression and tempo gave me instant nostalgia vibes, so I just started writing lyrics about things I remember from growing up. Mixed tapes, CDs, etc

"We actually wrote this song a day before Blink182 dropped their title track for their new album. I remember thinking how weird is it that I haven't written a slower ballad type song in forever and the day I do, Blink182 is too. It was very symbiotic. The main difference is that Blink's song is about them and "Same Kids" is meant for everyone to get nostalgic about their own life and memories of growing up."

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Thomas Nicholas Band Get Nostalgic With 'Same Kids'

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