Anthrax Classic 'Inside Out' Re-Imagined By Mammothor


Anthrax Classic 'Inside Out' Re-Imagined By Mammothor

(OMG) Mammothor proudly unveils their latest single, "Inside Out," from their eagerly anticipated album, Lies By Omission. This re-imagined rendition, originally by the thrash icons, Anthrax, marks a compelling homage to one of the band's pivotal influences.

"'Inside Out' emerged as a natural choice, as a cover for us on the new album," shares vocalist Travis Lowell, acknowledging the track's dynamic vocal hooks and thunderous rhythms. "The response from our live performances validated our decision. I even had the honor of connecting with John Bush, the original singer, who graciously extended his best wishes."

Reminiscent of Anthrax's original video 25 years ago, which cleverly parodied a Twilight Zone episode, Mammothor pays tribute not only to the song but also the beloved TV series, and in turn, Anthrax's video. Collaborating with the visionary lens of Humble Hero's Ben Proulx, Mammothor crafted an epic rock video that is destined to be timeless.

Fresh from the success of their latest album, Lies By Omission, Mammothor has numerous reasons to rejoice. With an astounding 3.1 million streams on Spotify and an incredible 4-week reign at the #1 position on the regional charts, the band stands as a rising force in the independent rock and metal scene.

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Anthrax Classic 'Inside Out' Re-Imagined By Mammothor

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