Singled Out: Changing The Design's Heart String Symphony

Keavin Wiggins | 01-31-2024

Singled Out: Changing The Design's Heart String Symphony

Changing The Design recently released a lyric video for their latest single "Heart String Symphony" and to celebrate we asked mastermind Alan Griffith to tell us about the song. Here is the story:

Heart String Symphony was written mostly sitting in my car in the middle of the forest during some of the first snows in the Sierra Nevada's. There is a specific time of year when my musical conductivity gets jolted into high-alert and the external forces seem to be extreme and immensely palpable. That time when the flora changes and just before the first snow falls, when you can sense in the ether, that time is seemingly suspended in the balance.

This was my inspiration for Heart String Symphony. This feeling has always been completely timeless for me, a feeling like I have lived through and felt this process a thousand times before. The nostalgic intuition that this has happened over and over, and will continue happen, year after year after year.

Often when I write, especially in the early phases, it seems as if there is an external force guiding my process, and that emotion just needs to be materialized and nurtured. That was the case for Heart String.

The tempo is slow, most of the moves are legato, so you can take the time to breathe and think and absorb. It is meant to take you on an ethereal journey through the seasons, meld with the ever-changing beauty that surrounds us, and recognize our vital connection to nature and these unexplainable forces. It is about being attentive to what is around you and the feeling of emotion of all life happening, and becoming one with the process.

For me, it is not just noticing what is happening around you, but feeling what is happening in between the happenings in the interstice, the space between, the transitions, the gradation. That's where the good stuff is. The Heartstring Symphony is the way I feel when it's time to create, it lives inside me but is awakened and attenuated from the outside. Hopefully, in turn, I can give the gift of this nature to another through my music.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the project here

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Singled Out: Changing The Design's Heart String Symphony

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