Vlad in Tears 'Break Away' With New Video


Vlad in Tears 'Break Away' With New Video

(Suspicious Activities PR) Dark goth/alternative rockers Vlad in Tears reveal the new video "Break Away." The track is the third to be revealed from the band's forthcoming new album, Relapse, set for international release on March 8th via Metalville Records.

State the band about the track, "'Break Away' is the voice of all of those who are tired of lies, hypocrisy, and tyranny. It is the hymn for all those who need to break free from prejudice and misjudgment.

After the release of Porpora in 2022, Vlad in Tears have gotten closer to most of their fans, and they have been writing to the band about their feelings, their personal battles, and struggles like never before.

Relapse is dedicated to all of those who are still fighting, those who have not won yet, and those who want to be listened to. It is a collection of stories from people all around the world who want their voices and stories to be heard and told.

It took the musicians almost one year to make it. During last summer, Kris and his two brothers, Alessio and Dario, have spent 10 days in a row at Kris' personal recording studio. "We haven't done something like it in a long time," Kris Vlad comments. "We have created and felt the true magic that our bond as brothers can be released when we are together, completely dedicated to our music."

After the recording, the band had the pleasure to work with Alessandro from Escape Room Records, who made a huge and amazing sound for them.

Relapse is the ninth Vlad in Tears album, and it is the rockiest one, which, as weird as it might sound, does not contain any synth instrument. They have made one only full electro song, though.

The band also have recorded nine of the 11 new songs as acoustic versions, which will be available exclusively as part of the limited Fan-Box.

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Vlad in Tears 'Break Away' With New Video

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