Whitecross 'Fear No Evil' With New Album


Whitecross 'Fear No Evil' With New Album

(Chipster) One of the first-ever Christian hard rock/metal bands is the Illinois-based, Whitecross. The band started in the early '80s, touring steadily from 1988 to 1994 and averaging 150 performances per year. The Dove Awards recognized Whitecross three times: twice for Metal Album of the Year, and once for Hard Music Recorded Song of the Year. In the process, Whitecross helped forge the style now widely known as "white metal."

Now the band - singer Dave Roberts, guitarist Rex Carroll, bassist Benny Ramos, and drummer Michael Feighan - is back with a brand new album. Produced by Rex Carroll, "Fear No Evil" arrives on March 22nd via Dark Star Records.

"'Fear No Evil' is the first studio album that Rex has had total artistic control of from beginning to end, including the writing, recording, mixing, mastering, and release," explains the album's Executive Producer, Susan Smith. "Every previous album has at least one song that Rex would have done differently. Rex never relinquished the right to include a guitar solo and finds it a personal challenge to match the success of 'Nagasake.' This album has grown with the influence of Dave Roberts, and while keeping the original heavy rock and roll heart and soul of the first release, adds a nuanced nod to classic bands of the '60s and '70s."

Concerning standout tunes from the album, all four members have their particular selections but seem to agree on the beautifully orchestrated power ballad "Wishing Well," which invokes The Beatles and The Moody Blues. The acoustic ballad entitled "Blind Man" has a "Led Zeppelin feel," according to Feighan, and of course, there are the expected rockin' tunes in the Whitecross tradition. One of these is the album's first video - the title track - debuted on a three-song demo of Rex and Dave getting a feel for the project. Feighan also adds a disclaimer: "This album is very diverse with songs that have a modern rock touch but still that Whitecross sound that fans know and love."

And with the band about to hit the road in support of the album, Carroll never forgets how important the band's fans are in the grand scheme of things. "I am continuously reminded every day that it's not about me or the band - it's all about the fans. Many of you have become my good friends via social media, and I'm continuously grateful for your support. You bought the albums and the T-shirts and came to the shows, and I'm grateful for that. Thanks again...follow Jesus!"

As far as how Whitecross's brand of metal fits in with modern-day acts, the guitarist also shared his thoughts. "I follow the muse in my own head. I hear new sounds on the radio, but the songs are still the same as they always were. And by that, I mean new bands pop up on the radio - the sounds are fresh, but it's the same three chords and it's the same boy-meets-girl lyrics. Modern sounds and modern production techniques are great, and we have taken full advantage of them on our new album. From a technical standpoint, I believe 'Fear No Evil' is the BEST album I've ever been involved with. Love the songs, still pushing myself on the guitar, love the sonic blast from Anthony Focx, love the fans, love my band, love all of it."

And lastly, what are the band's future plans? "Continue to love God, love people, love the band, love the gigs, love to shred until they lay me in the ground in a guitar-shaped casket."


1. The Way We Rock 4:04
2. Lion of Judah 5:05
3. Jackhammer 1:19
4. Man in the Mirror 4:42
5. Blind Man 4:54
6. Fear No Evil 4:48
7. 29,000 4:11
8. Saints of Hollywood 3:44
9. Vendetta 4:40
10. Wishing Well 5:11
11. Further On 2:05


Friday, March 22nd, 2024
905 McKnight Rd,
Indiana, PA 15701

Saturday, March 23, 2024
Whitecross with Petra's Best for Last Tour
Grace Baptist Church
3480 Laurel Rd
Brunswick, OH 44212

Saturday, July 13, 2024
Crown of Thorns Festival 2024
Pioneer Park
301 Parkhill Dr
Billings, MT 59101

Friday, August 16, 2024
SoulFest 2024
Franklin County Fairgrounds
89 Wisdom Way
Greenfield, MA 01301

Friday, August 30, 2024
BMI Event Center
791 E Main St
Versailles, OH 45380

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Whitecross 'Fear No Evil' With New Album

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