Singled Out: Madzilla's A Deadly Threat

Keavin Wiggins | 03-16-2024

Singled Out: Madzilla's A Deadly Threat

Las Vegas metal band Madzilla just released their new album 'A Deadly Threat' and to celebrate we asked David Cabezas to tell us about the title track. Here is the story:

I have always found it challenging to discuss my own feelings with others.. I think for the longest periods of my life I always kept all my thoughts and emotions bottled up inside me.

Consequently, writing songs has, for many years now, become a channel for me to actually be able to share my feelings, and I must say a lot of times I do feel lighter once I put all of it in words.

That being said, even though a lot of the Madzilla lyrics actually talk about my own life experiences, issues I have faced and how I have felt about them, "A Deadly Threat" is the first time I have written lyrics that are a bit less personal, and more of a statement, in this case about my perception of so many things that go on in the world.

So many conflicts, and so much suffering occurs due to people's greed. I have seen in so many instances, and so many different places, power hunger leading to devastation.

Just talking about it doesn't really help, but music has such a stronger reach. Through music people can relate to so many different feelings, and ideas.

Which is where "A Deadly Threat" came to be, this single is my way of saying "it's enough!", being all powerful in a dystopian world, is not really winning.

"A Deadly Threat" portrays the extremes to which greed can take a power-hungry mind, and its irreparable consequences. Outlining the inevitable clash between insatiable desire and imminent regret, it presents the destination that destruction for the sake of power and glory will inescapably lead to.

Intertwined with heavy, fast and aggressive riffs, melodic passages, and immersive harmonies, this single encompasses a large canvas of feelings and emotions.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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Singled Out: Madzilla's A Deadly Threat

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