Franky Perez & The All Nighters Release 'Hot Vegas Nights' Video and Announce Residencies in Vegas and L.A.


(SRO) This year stands to set a new record for high temperatures with the sizzling heat Franky & The All Nighters plan to generate with their newly announced "Hot Vegas Nights" artist residencies in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Today (April 1), they've also released a new single and video, "Hot Vegas Nights."

Franky-a Vegas native who previously lived in L.A. before returning to his roots-will perform with his stellar band one show every month in both Vegas and in L.A. starting in June and wrapping in (October).

In Vegas, the singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist will take over Red Rock Casino Resort; in Los Angeles, FRANKY will light up the iconic Sunset Strip venue, the Whisky a Go Go.

The shows are as follows: Whisky a Go Go: 6/5, 7/10, 8/7, 9/11, 10/16 and Red Rock Casino Resort: 6/6, 7/11, 8/8, 9/12, 10/17

Perez is a dynamic and engaging artist that can take any genre and make it his own. He was born to entertain, whether he's performing one of his critically acclaimed originals, a moving ballad from the American songbook, or the latest in-demand pop hit. He delivers it all with an authenticity that will captivate any audience. Life should be celebrated. And any great celebration demands a hot spot and a stage dripping with unparalleled entertainment.

In the "Hot Vegas Nights" show, Franky is backed by his band The All Nighters-which includes a blistering horn section and some of Las Vegas' sexiest and most talented dancer/showgirls. No Vegas show would be complete without a variety of entertainment, so Franky is bringing along a revolving cast of up-and-coming comedians, specialty acts, and a burlesque troupe to warm up the audience. This show will be unrivaled and unlike anything on or off The Strip.

"I'm a huge fan of comedy and have always loved it when bands bring comics on the road with them or vice versa," says FRANKY. "Mostly I want the audience to be engaged the entire night and experience something that hasn't been done in years. A real Vegas variety show. That's why we also decided to bring along one of the sexiest burlesque troops I've ever seen. Music, comics, showgirls, dancers, and burlesque! What's more entertaining than that!?"

Perez has a special relationship with both Los Angeles and Las Vegas and was inspired to connect the dots between these two sister cities with these twin residencies.

"Since the first neon light flickered in the desert, Los Angelenos have been running away to Vegas for the weekend and when the heat becomes unbearable, Las Vegans flock to LA to marvel at the Pacific," he says. "Two very different cities, two very different skylines, two very different climates with one striking similarity...they were built to entertain. Just like me and the All Nighters!"

Q&A With Franky Perez About "Hot Vegas Nights"

What inspired you to form Franky & The All Nighters and call your show "Hot Vegas Nights"?

FRANKY: I was born and raised in Vegas and cut my teeth on the stages of this town. I learned how to entertain audiences from the greats that have graced those same stages before me. I've performed all over the world, but I am yet to find anything that compares to the perfect hot Vegas night, figuratively or literally. To answer your question, I don't know about you but when I find something good...I want it to last ALL NIGHT!

Can you tell us about your upcoming residency that will see you perform once a month in both Las Vegas (Red Rock Casino Resort) and Los Angeles (The Whisky a Go Go)?

FRANKY: As an entertainer I've always had one foot in Vegas and the other in LA but my shows tended to be very different in each city. In LA I'm known primarily as a rock singer whereas in Vegas I'm able to stretch and explore every genre. This residency is going to be a melding of the two. The bullet train between the two cities without a stop in Baker!

Which songs will you perform? From which eras?

FRANKY: Along with some of my fan favorite originals I will be performing music from the '50s all the way to the current day. When I choose songs for sets, I make sure that I believe wholeheartedly in each one. It makes for an honest set and a memorable evening. I will say that I plan on keeping the energy at a high-level and the band sweating all night long.

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Franky Perez & The All Nighters Release 'Hot Vegas Nights' Video and Announce Residencies in Vegas and L.A.

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