Elektric Animals 'Ready To Go' With New Single


Elektric Animals 'Ready To Go' With New Single

(Big Picture Media) Elektric Animals - comprised of Nick Sanders and Will Hubert - have today shared their earnest new single "Ready To Go", taken from their forthcoming EP A Bear And The Bull.

The song showcases the collaborative spirit of Elektric Animals, with additional guitars by Lincoln Parish (formerly Cage The Elephant) and vocals by Chandra Desantis.

The song was recorded in Denver with producer Eric Everhart, mixed in Virginia by Will Beasley (The Dangerous Summer, Turnstile), and mastered by Paul Leavitt (The Used, Yellowcard, All Time Low).

"'Ready To Go' started as a stream of consciousness," the band shares. "Stepping back it feels as though there is this confusion and limbo going on. A sense of regret but also accepting and looking forward."

They continue: "It started by wanting to make a straight forward indie rock song with dueling guitar lines that have this conversation back and forth. A real pedal to the metal attitude, even though we aren't heavy, the tempo and rhythm are quite literally driving. That's why we chose the various car noises to be placed throughout the song aptly naming the tune 'Ready To Go'"

Written in between their home studios in Denver and produced by Eric Everhart, A Bear And The Bull. chronicles Elektric Animals' experience with loss, love, regrets, life and everything in between over these past few years of their lives. Weaving in moments of darkness and light, the duo hopes the EP serves as a reminder to listeners that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Elektric Animals 'Ready To Go' With New Single

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