Blitz Vega Memorializes The Late Andy Rourke In 'Disconnected' Video


Blitz Vega Memorializes The Late Andy Rourke In 'Disconnected' Video

(Reybee) Featuring footage filmed before his untimely death, Blitz Vega's official music video for new single "Disconnected" teleports the band back to happier times in the studio with the late Andy Rourke, while recording their debut album NORTHERN GENTLEMEN (set for release on May 17, 2024 via FutureSonic Records/CEN/The Orchard).

"Every song tells a story and 'Disconnected' takes me back to a particularly poignant memory driving to the studio before we recorded the song" Kav remembers fondly, evoking not only the emotions of sadness for Andy's death but also the joyful memories that came with their personal friendship and musical collaboration.

Showcasing Andy's signature melodic bassline (eternally memorable since his days in The Smiths) and Kav's mesmerizing vocals, Kav says the track centers on lust for basic human connection and the passion and excitement that comes with new relationships.

"We originally started recording the track in July 2019 in a studio in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Andy came in with the bassline and we built a song around it," Kav says. Adding, "The lyrics are about a desire to escape from the digital world and all the distractions that come with it."

Formed in 2016 before the pandemic paused the world and Andy's terminal battle with cancer hadn't reached its tragic and devastating final blow in May 2023, BLITZ VEGA was launched when Kav (formerly of Happy Mondays) and the late Andy decided to record together after years of mutual artistic admiration. As Andy's posthumous album, Northern Gentlemen is a bittersweet celebration of the late seminal bassist's decades-long impact on the music world and stands as a testament to the power and impact he continues to have. "I hear his voice in my head, replaying everything we talked about when we were recording the music. I see his face smiling at me," Kav remembers fondly.

Written largely during the pandemic, the solid collection of ten songs on the album capture the dynamic vitality of Andy and Kav's combined songwriting. Forced to cancel three U.S. tours during quarantine and lockdown, the band locked themselves away in the studio in LA and continued to create, making the most of the lockdown. "[The studio] was our happy zone," Kav recalls. "We recorded and wrote so much music around this time. Before the pandemic, Andy's illness would get better and would also come back so we were constantly dealing with circumstances that made moving the band forward difficult. But it's what Andy, all the lads in the band and I wanted to accomplish more than anything. So we constantly adapted to the challenges in front of us. We never stopped making music, recording and writing." Previous Blitz Vega singles included "HeyChristo," "Lost & Found," and "L.A Vampire."

Committed to celebrating the album, Kav wants to keep the promise he made to Andy to release and tour the album, no matter the circumstances. While the future of Blitz Vega post-Andy is a future Kav and band haven't decided on yet, he is set on ensuring people can listen to the album Andy was making right until he passed - "he was so excited for people to hear it." "I have no idea about writing new music as Blitz Vega," Kav continues. "We are just taking one step at a time. We definitely want to release all the music we recorded and go on tour. I promised this to Andy." Sticking to that promise, Kav recently played the first live London show as Blitz Vega at Scala as part of the FSR Events club night.

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Blitz Vega Memorializes The Late Andy Rourke In 'Disconnected' Video

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