Singled Out: Carey Ott's World Gone Crazy

Keavin Wiggins | 04-10-2024

Singled Out: Carey Ott's World Gone Crazy

Singer-songwriter Carey Ott just released the new single "World Gone Crazy" from his Nashville Collective, and to celebrate we asked Carey to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

I hatched the Freaks of Nashville collective in my basement studio on 13th street in Nashville in 2018 and it is comprised of a group of working musicians with an interest in combining the groove and political fire of live Afro-beat with my lyrics and melodies. "World Gone Crazy" debuts the forum and features an "End of Days" ear worm hook, a signature Frankie Hill sax solo in the second verse, and the song reprises as a stream of conscious spoken word essay.

I have always enjoyed poking the proverbial bear with a smirk rather than a snarl. I want to push other people (and myself) into further exploring the outer edges of what the mainstream deems safe and "marketable." I find mainstream culture intolerably boring and predictable. If I can do something unique that inspires me, something that consistently moves me and the artists I collaborate with, then the job is pretty much done.

As artists, we have to entertain ourselves first and foremost. As David Bowie always said, "One should never, ever, play to the crowd."

Regarding the music video for "World Gone Crazy," I like to take my favorite artists' films and re-contextualize them with my music. The internet (and Youtube, specifically) affords me this great luxury. I can co-create with Andrei Tarkovsky today.

I happened upon that particular scene from his film 'Solaris' and it coincided with my song beautifully, so I used it. I think Andrei would've appreciated that sort of DIY spirit. He was anything but a "company man." He was and is an artist's artist. And that's what I've always aspired to be.

"Never try to convey your idea to the audience - it is a thankless and senseless task. Show them life, and they'll find within themselves the means to assess and appreciate it."

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about Freaks Of Nashville here

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Singled Out: Carey Ott's World Gone Crazy

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