Ritchie Blackmore Tributes Guitar Pioneer Duane Eddy

Michael Angulia | 05-02-2024

Ritchie Blackmore Tributes Guitar Pioneer Duane Eddy

Deep Purple icon Ritchie Blackmore took to social media to pay tribute to Duane Eddy following the guitar pioneer's death on Tuesday (April 30th) from cancer. He was 86.

Blackmore shared, "Just heard about the passing of the wonderful Duane Eddy who was my first guitar idol with songs like Rebel Rouser, Shazam, Some Kind Of Earthquake. I would always rush out and buy his long playing records. My favorite all time tune from him was The Lonely One.

"He was a brilliant guitarist in his own right. He was the first guitar player with that deep bass sound which I loved. Unfortunately, I never saw him live, although I tried to see him playing on a couple of occasions.

"One particular time, when I was 12, I went to London airport to meet him. I sat there for hours waiting, so I could get a glimpse of him. After 2-3 hours, I asked the ground staff what time his plane would be in as it was obviously delayed. They told me his plane actually came in early and I missed him. That was my first of many futile attempts to see him. But I would play his music night and day.

"He was very kind to me last year, because I had missed him on so many occasions, he sent me a Gretsch Guitar as a present for Christmas. I couldn't believe it.

"He will always be my number one inspiration from the time I took up the guitar until now. He was so unique in his playing.

"The world has lost a great guitar player. A truly unique guitar player. Our hearts are with Deed and his family."

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Ritchie Blackmore Tributes Guitar Pioneer Duane Eddy

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