Singled Out: Eleyet McConnell's Don't Tell Me Why

Keavin Wiggins | 05-14-2024

Singled Out: Eleyet McConnell's Don't Tell Me Why

Husband-and-wife duo Eleyet McConnell just released a new singled called "Don't Tell Me Why", and to celebrate we asked Chris McConnell to tell us about the song. Here is the story:

We wrote this song with one of our dearest friends, Darla Northup. Back in 2017 we (Angie, Darla and I) started getting together on Tuesday nights to write music. We'd go to Darla's and head to the basement. The amount of red wine consumed during these sessions is probably ridiculous because both Angie and Darla had joined a wine club and that stuff was coming to both of them in cases in a regular schedule. Ha! Some of it was terrible but some was really great and we wrote some amazing material in that basement.

"Don't Tell Me Why "is one of those songs that literally wrote itself in less than 10 minutes. I had this bass riff in my head all day at work. I kept thinking about it in the car on the way to Darla's and played it over and over in my head. I hadn't picked up my bass yet but couldn't wait to get to the basement to hear what it sounded like. I couldn't wait to hear what Angie might add to it lyrically because at that time, she had really started getting the feel for writing. Darla is an amazing pianist, and she is the musically educated one in the group. Angie and I drive her nuts because we play mostly by ear.

So we get all set up, wine in hand and the girls were talking about their day and I played my riff over and over a few time. Then I played it and said the words, "Don't Tell Me Why". Darla started playing along with me and we followed each other without even working it out together. It is a blues song after all...it's all about the feels. Angie however, grabbed this legal pad off Darla's music stand (Darla takes copious notes on EVERYTHING) and began writing and singing at the same time. I quickly realized she was lashing out at me about feelings we both had for one another but weren't ready to talk about out loud. It was fascinating to watch her. She could hardly keep up with the pace that the words were coming to her in her head.

Most of my music career, I didn't pay attention to lyrics. I felt the rhythm. I'm a dude and I'm a bass player (chuckling). But Angie changed that for me. It's no secret that she and I shared a very tangible connection soon after we met, and we each understood one another on levels that neither of us had experienced. I saw right through her, and she pretty much blew down every wall I had every erected around myself....and there were many. We were best friends. I could tell her anything and she could do the same with me.

"Don't Tell Me Why" is a song that acknowledges that moment when you find the most unlikely match for yourself. The one you never see coming. The same person who you go great lengths to try and convince that they should feel a different way, that "you don't want any of this...I'm a mess", but they are stubborn. Feelings are strong. You know you are in trouble. Not because you are doing anything wrong, mind you. It's because this person sees you for you. All the good and the bad but loves you anyway. That person you can't fool. Both of us had become very good at hiding from everyone. That line, "things are getting out of hand, Lord come save me" is a visceral reaction to someone who, for whatever reason, just penetrates all your barriers. You know you are in deep. You know you'll never be able to turn back and not regret it.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more here

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