Singled Out: Scott Collins' Killer Crush


Singled Out: Scott Collins' Killer Crush

Nashville musician Scott Collins just released his debut solo album, "Purple Pain", and to celebrate we asked him to tell us about the song "Killer Crush". Here is the story:

I sometimes don't know what inspires a song until it's complete. Composing can be like entering a fog on a ship or an airplane, with only our instruments, and not our eyes, to navigate. In art, our most trusted instrument is our feelings. When we eventually come out of the fog, meaning may (or may not) surface. The feeling of the fog, though, lingers for a long time. Meaning is malleable. Feeling is firm.

With "Killer Crush," it was indeed a feeling, an atmosphere, being replicated.

The harrowing feeling of a ravishing crush; we've all had one; an oozing elation that ultimately could burn everything to ash.

But what lurks within that "innocent" crush? A portal that can unleash epic life-transforming experience, for one. What begins small as a tiny ripple can become a massive wave emanating Shakespearean level saga and dramedy in all directions. Good or bad, right or wrong, transformed or deconstructed, hilarious or heartbreaking, death or rebirth...all the feels and all the things leading us like the pied piper to monumental change.

Death or rebirth? Killer or creator?

Zoom in closer and from a certain vantage point, they are one and the same. Quantum physics certainly supports this. The ripple effect and butterfly effect theories suggest that all things are connected and that actions in one area have a lasting effect on all other areas. Knowingly or unknowingly to those in the wake, the ripple becomes broader and broader. All in its diameter are effected.

I've learned there is no such notion as a small, little or meaningless thing. This does not exclude thoughts, actions, or most importantly, REACTIONS. Believe that small or tiny things are meaningless at your own peril. Mock it and see who gets the last laugh.

If acting upon our heart disrupts a placid pool, then possibly it is not a disturbance after all, but rather a clearing of a belief system whose time had come to be washed away. Ripple on friends and lovers. Let's flap our butterfly wings.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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Singled Out: Scott Collins' Killer Crush

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