A Forest Mighty Black Announce New Album With 'Birdman'

07-05-2024 11:42 AM EDT

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A Forest Mighty Black Announce New Album With 'Birdman'

(ALL NOIR) Stoner rockers A Forest Mighty Black have released their brand new song "Birdman", which is the first single from their forthcoming album "The Hedonist" that will arrive on September 6th.

"Birdman is about a man's strong desire to fly, which he achieves with the help of a scientist who amputates his limbs and grafts majestic wings onto him with sinister precision. Transforming into an angel is both wondrous and terrible, bringing joy and suffering. We aimed to express this dual nature in our music by crafting somber atmospheres that are occasionally distressing yet ultimately allow a sense of hope to shine through."

The band's sophomore studio album represents the closure of a circle, compared to what was previously produced - the band experiments with new sounds, while remaining consistent with its origins. The lyrics explore universal themes concerning existence, reflecting on the complexity of human nature, society, and emotions. It's like an introspective journey, with different nuances.

"The Hedonist" invites the listener to consider the relative essence of good and evil, which are not absolute concepts but rather linked to the context of our individual lives. Each track represents a leg of the journey, where characters' stories and situations have highly blurred and ambiguous boundaries between right and wrong.

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A Forest Mighty Black Announce New Album With 'Birdman'

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